Title 308. Licensing, Department of (See also Titles 36, 98 and 196)  

Chapter 308-04. General provisions.
Chapter 308-08. Practice and procedure.
Chapter 308-10. Public records disclosure.
Chapter 308-11. Regulation of auctioneers.
Chapter 308-12. Architects.
Chapter 308-13. Board of licensure for landscape architects.
Chapter 308-14. Court reporters.
Chapter 308-15. Geologist licensing services.
Chapter 308-17. Private investigative agencies and private investigators.
Chapter 308-18. Private security guard companies and private security guards.
Chapter 308-19. Bail bond agencies and bail bond agents.
Chapter 308-20. Cosmetology—Barber—Manicurist—Esthetician rules.
Chapter 308-22. Body art, body piercing, and tattooing rules.
Chapter 308-29. Collection agencies and repossession services.
Chapter 308-30. Notaries public.
Chapter 308-33. Employment agencies—Fee schedules.
Chapter 308-47. Rules of procedure for cremation.
Chapter 308-48. Funeral directors and embalmers.
Chapter 308-49. Prearrangement funeral services.
Chapter 308-56A. Certificates of title—Motor vehicles, etc.
Chapter 308-57. Motor vehicle excise tax.
Chapter 308-59. Transportation benefit district administration.
Chapter 308-61. Unauthorized and abandoned vehicles.
Chapter 308-63. Wreckers.
Chapter 308-65. Hulk haulers/scrap processors.
Chapter 308-66. Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers.
Chapter 308-67. Vehicle dealer manufacturer franchise disputes.
Chapter 308-70. Scrap metal business—Recycler—Processor—Supplier.
Chapter 308-72. Motor vehicle fuel tax.
Chapter 308-77. Special fuel tax rules and regulations.
Chapter 308-78. Aircraft fuel tax.
Chapter 308-80. Transporters.
Chapter 308-83. Limousine services.
Chapter 308-88. Rental car taxation and licensing.
Chapter 308-89. Transportation of passengers in for hire vehicles.
Chapter 308-90. Vessel dealer registration.
Chapter 308-91. Reciprocity and proration.
Chapter 308-93. Vessel registration and certificates of title.
Chapter 308-94. Snowmobiles.
Chapter 308-94A. Off-road and nonhighway vehicles.
Chapter 308-96A. Vehicle licenses.
Chapter 308-96B. Individuals with disabilities vehicle license privileges.
Chapter 308-97. Vehicle license interstate and intransit permits.
Chapter 308-99. Vehicle reciprocity.
Chapter 308-100. Drivers' licenses—Special provisions.
Chapter 308-102. Administration of the Financial Responsibility Act—Procedures.
Chapter 308-103. Rules of procedure for hearings conducted under RCW 46.20.308.
Chapter 308-104. Drivers' licenses.
Chapter 308-105. Enhanced drivers' license and identicard.
Chapter 308-106. Mandatory insurance.
Chapter 308-107. Ignition interlock driver's license.
Chapter 308-108. Driver training schools.
Chapter 308-110. Administration of knowledge and skills testing by driver training schools.
Chapter 308-124. Real estate brokers and managing brokers—General provisions.
Chapter 308-124A. Real estate—Licensing and examination.
Chapter 308-124B. Real estate—Broker's office.
Chapter 308-124C. Real estate—Records and responsibilities.
Chapter 308-124D. Real estate—Operational procedures.
Chapter 308-124E. Real estate—Trust account procedures.
Chapter 308-124H. Real estate course school and instructor approval—Education of real estate brokers and managing brokers.
Chapter 308-124I. Real estate—Audit/investigation procedures.
Chapter 308-125. Real estate appraisers.
Chapter 308-127. Timeshare.
Chapter 308-129. Sellers of travel.
Chapter 308-200A. Department of licensing environmental regulations.
Chapter 308-312. Whitewater river outfitters.
Chapter 308-320. Commercial telephone solicitation.
Chapter 308-330. Washington model traffic ordinance.
Chapter 308-391. Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9.
Chapter 308-408. Definitions.
Chapter 308-408A. Licensing.
Chapter 308-408B. Education—Home inspector course approval.
Chapter 308-408C. Standards of practice.
Chapter 308-409. Appraisal management companies.
Chapter 308-420. Camping resorts—Contracts—Resale, etc.