Title 284. Insurance Commissioner, Office of  

Chapter 284-02. Insurance commissioner's office—Generally.
Chapter 284-03. Public records.
Chapter 284-04. Privacy of consumer financial and health information.
Chapter 284-05. Washington actuaries regulation.
Chapter 284-07. Requirements as to company reports and annual statements.
Chapter 284-12. Insurance producers, title insurance agents, surplus line brokers, and adjusters.
Chapter 284-13. Assets—Liabilities—Investments and reinsurance.
Chapter 284-15. Surplus line insurance.
Chapter 284-16. Insurers.
Chapter 284-17. Licensing requirements and procedures.
Chapter 284-17B. Rental car insurance producer.
Chapter 284-18. Washington insurance holding company regulation.
Chapter 284-19. Washington essential property insurance inspection and placement program.
Chapter 284-20. Insurance policies.
Chapter 284-20A. Rules that apply to insurers that underwrite medical malpractice insurance.
Chapter 284-20B. Rules for filing property and casualty forms.
Chapter 284-20C. Rules for filing motor vehicle service contracts.
Chapter 284-21. Standard forms.
Chapter 284-22. USL&H assigned risk plan.
Chapter 284-23. Washington life insurance regulations.
Chapter 284-24. Rates.
Chapter 284-24A. Rules that apply to insurers that use credit history for personal insurance underwriting or rating.
Chapter 284-24B. Rules that require property and casualty insurers to report statistical data.
Chapter 284-24C. Specific rules that apply to statistical plans for medical professional liability reports.
Chapter 284-24D. Medical malpractice closed claim data reporting rules for facilities and providers.
Chapter 284-24E. Medical malpractice claim settlement data reporting rules for attorneys and claimants.
Chapter 284-26. Insider trading of equity securities of a domestic stock insurance company.
Chapter 284-28. Proxies, consents, and authorizations of domestic stock insurers.
Chapter 284-29. Title insurance.
Chapter 284-29A. Title insurance rates.
Chapter 284-30. Trade practices.
Chapter 284-34. Credit life and credit accident and health insurance.
Chapter 284-36. Domestic fraternal mutual property insurers' agents and directors.
Chapter 284-36A. Fraternal benefit societies.
Chapter 284-37. Market conduct oversight program.
Chapter 284-38. Charitable gift annuities.
Chapter 284-43. Health carriers and health plans.
Chapter 284-44. Health care services contractors—Agents—Contract formats—Standards.
Chapter 284-44A. Health care service contractor general rules for electronic filing of forms and rates in SERFF.
Chapter 284-46. Health maintenance organizations.
Chapter 284-46A. Health maintenance organization general rules for electronic filing of forms and rates in SERFF.
Chapter 284-49. Washington basic coverage policy (small group) insurance regulation.
Chapter 284-50. Washington disability insurance regulations.
Chapter 284-51. Standards for coordination of benefits.
Chapter 284-52. Conversion regulation.
Chapter 284-54. Long-term care insurance rules.
Chapter 284-55. Medicare supplement insurance regulation.
Chapter 284-58. Life and disability form and rate filings.
Chapter 284-60. Disability insurance loss ratios.
Chapter 284-66. Washington medicare supplement insurance regulation.
Chapter 284-74. Approved insurance tables.
Chapter 284-78. Joint underwriting association for day care insurance.
Chapter 284-83. Long-term care insurance rules.
Chapter 284-84. Fixed premium universal life insurance.
Chapter 284-87. Joint underwriting association for midwifery and birthing centers malpractice insurance.
Chapter 284-90. Rules pertaining to AIDS.
Chapter 284-91. Washington state health insurance pool.
Chapter 284-92. Liability risk retention.
Chapter 284-95. Transfer of insurance contracts.
Chapter 284-96. Group and blanket disability insurance.
Chapter 284-97. Life settlement regulation.
Chapter 284-155. Health care discount plan organization standards.
Chapter 284-160. Guaranteed asset protection waiver.
Chapter 284-164. Flood insurance.
Chapter 284-170. Health benefit plan management.
Chapter 284-198. K-12 employee health insurance data reporting rules.
Chapter 284-43A. Independent review organizations (IROs).