Title 246. Health, Department of  

Chapter 246-01. Description and organization.
Chapter 246-03. State Environmental Policy Act—Guidelines.
Chapter 246-08. Practice and procedure.
Chapter 246-10. Administrative procedure—Adjudicative proceedings.
Chapter 246-11. Model procedural rules for boards.
Chapter 246-12. Administrative procedures and requirements for credentialed health care providers.
Chapter 246-14. Uniform procedures for complaint resolution.
Chapter 246-15. Whistleblower complaints in health care settings.
Chapter 246-16. Standards of professional conduct.
Chapter 246-25. Antitrust immunity and competitive oversight.
Chapter 246-50. Coordinated quality improvement program.
Chapter 246-70. Marijuana product compliance.
Chapter 246-71. Medical marijuana authorization data base.
Chapter 246-72. Medical marijuana consultant certificate.
Chapter 246-100. Communicable and certain other diseases.
Chapter 246-101. Notifiable conditions.
Chapter 246-102. Cancer registry.
Chapter 246-105. Immunization of child care and school children against certain vaccine-preventable diseases.
Chapter 246-110. Contagious disease—School districts and childcare centers.
Chapter 246-120. Civil penalties of health carriers and third-party administrators.
Chapter 246-130. Early intervention program.
Chapter 246-136. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection—Occupational exposure notification.
Chapter 246-138. Testing of good samaritans for certain infectious diseases.
Chapter 246-140. Bloodborne pathogens in children placed in out-of-home care.
Chapter 246-145. Body art, body piercing, electrology and tattooing standards for sterilization procedures and infection control.
Chapter 246-170. Tuberculosis—Prevention, treatment, and control.
Chapter 246-203. General sanitation.
Chapter 246-205. Decontamination of illegal drug manufacturing or storage sites.
Chapter 246-215. Food service.
Chapter 246-217. Food worker cards.
Chapter 246-220. Radiation protection—General provisions.
Chapter 246-221. Radiation protection standards.
Chapter 246-222. Radiation protection—Worker rights.
Chapter 246-224. Radiation protection—Radiation machine assembly and registration.
Chapter 246-225. Radiation protection—X rays in the healing arts.
Chapter 246-225A. Radiation safety and diagnostic image quality standards for dental facilities.
Chapter 246-227. Radiation protection—Industrial X ray.
Chapter 246-228. Radiation protection—Analytical X-ray equipment.
Chapter 246-229. Radiation protection—Particle accelerators.
Chapter 246-231. Packaging and transportation of radioactive material.
Chapter 246-232. Radioactive material—Licensing applicability.
Chapter 246-233. Radioactive materials—General licenses.
Chapter 246-235. Radioactive materials—Specific licenses.
Chapter 246-237. Radiation protection—Physical protection of category 1 and category 2 quantities of radioactive material.
Chapter 246-239. Radiation protection for subsequent use.
Chapter 246-240. Radiation protection—Medical use of radioactive material.
Chapter 246-243. Radiation protection—Industrial radiography.
Chapter 246-244. Radiation protection—Wireline services.
Chapter 246-246. Radiation protection—Radiological criteria for decommissioning.
Chapter 246-247. Radiation protection—Air emissions.
Chapter 246-249. Radioactive waste—Use of the commercial disposal site.
Chapter 246-250. Radioactive waste—Licensing land disposal.
Chapter 246-252. Radiation protection—Uranium or thorium milling.
Chapter 246-254. Radiation protection—Fees.
Chapter 246-260. Water recreation facilities.
Chapter 246-262. Recreational water contact facilities.
Chapter 246-270. Sewer systems—Certification of necessity for water district involvement.
Chapter 246-271. Public sewage.
Chapter 246-272. Wastewater and reclaimed water use fees.
Chapter 246-272A. On-site sewage systems.
Chapter 246-272B. Large on-site sewage system regulations.
Chapter 246-272C. On-site sewage system tanks.
Chapter 246-273. On-site sewage system additives.
Chapter 246-274. Greywater reuse for subsurface irrigation.
Chapter 246-280. Recreational shellfish beaches.
Chapter 246-282. Sanitary control of shellfish.
Chapter 246-290. Group A public water supplies.
Chapter 246-291. Group B public water systems.
Chapter 246-292. Waterworks operator certification.
Chapter 246-293. Water System Coordination Act.
Chapter 246-294. Drinking water operating permits.
Chapter 246-295. Satellite system management agencies.
Chapter 246-296. Drinking water state revolving fund loan program.
Chapter 246-302. Adverse health events.
Chapter 246-305. Certification of independent review organizations (IROs).
Chapter 246-310. Certificate of need.
Chapter 246-312. Acquisition of nonprofit hospitals.
Chapter 246-314. Construction review services.
Chapter 246-319. Initial medicare certification survey fee schedule.
Chapter 246-320. Hospital licensing regulations.
Chapter 246-322. Private psychiatric and alcoholism hospitals.
Chapter 246-324. Private alcohol and chemical dependency hospitals.
Chapter 246-329. Childbirth centers.
Chapter 246-330. Ambulatory surgical facilities.
Chapter 246-335. In-home services agencies.
Chapter 246-337. Residential treatment facility.
Chapter 246-338. Medical test site rules.
Chapter 246-358. Temporary worker housing.
Chapter 246-359. Temporary worker housing construction standard.
Chapter 246-360. Transient accommodations.
Chapter 246-366. Primary and secondary schools.
Chapter 246-366A. Environmental health and safety standards for primary and secondary schools. (Effective July 1, 2017)
Chapter 246-374. Outdoor music festivals.
Chapter 246-376. Camps.
Chapter 246-380. State institutional survey program.
Chapter 246-390. Drinking water certification rules.
Chapter 246-440. Health care-associated infections reporting.
Chapter 246-451. Hospitals—Assessments and related reports.
Chapter 246-453. Hospital charity care.
Chapter 246-454. Hospitals—System of accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, cost allocation.
Chapter 246-455. Hospital patient discharge information reporting.
Chapter 246-470. Prescription monitoring program.
Chapter 246-490. Vital statistics.
Chapter 246-491. Vital statistics—Certificates.
Chapter 246-500. Handling of human remains.
Chapter 246-560. Rural health system project.
Chapter 246-562. Physician visa waivers.
Chapter 246-564. Volunteer retired provider malpractice insurance program.
Chapter 246-650. Newborn screening.
Chapter 246-680. Prenatal tests—Congenital and heritable disorders.
Chapter 246-710. Coordinated children's services.
Chapter 246-760. Auditory and visual standards—School districts.
Chapter 246-780. Farmers' market nutrition program.
Chapter 246-790. Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC).
Chapter 246-800. General provisions—Professionals.
Chapter 246-803. East Asian medicine practitioner.
Chapter 246-808. Chiropractic quality assurance commission.
Chapter 246-809. Licensure for mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers.
Chapter 246-810. Counselors.
Chapter 246-811. Chemical dependency professionals and chemical dependency professionals trainees.
Chapter 246-812. Board of denturists.
Chapter 246-814. Access to dental care for children.
Chapter 246-815. Dental hygienists.
Chapter 246-817. Dental quality assurance commission.
Chapter 246-822. Dieticians or nutritionists.
Chapter 246-824. Dispensing opticians.
Chapter 246-825. Genetic counselors.
Chapter 246-826. Health care assistants.
Chapter 246-827. Medical assistants.
Chapter 246-828. Hearing and speech.
Chapter 246-830. Massage practitioners.
Chapter 246-831. Certified reflexologists.
Chapter 246-834. Midwives.
Chapter 246-836. Naturopathic physicians.
Chapter 246-840. Practical and registered nursing.
Chapter 246-841. Nursing assistants.
Chapter 246-842. Nursing assistants—Nursing homes—Nursing assistants training program.
Chapter 246-843. Nursing home administrators.
Chapter 246-845. Nursing pool.
Chapter 246-847. Occupational therapists.
Chapter 246-849. Ocularists.
Chapter 246-850. Orthotics and prosthetics rules.
Chapter 246-851. Optometrists.
Chapter 246-852. Consumer access to vision care.
Chapter 246-853. Osteopathic physicians and surgeons.
Chapter 246-854. Osteopathic physicians' assistants.
Chapter 246-855. Osteopathic physicians' acupuncture assistants.
Chapter 246-856. Board of pharmacy—General.
Chapter 246-858. Pharmacists—Internship requirements.
Chapter 246-860. Standards of professional conduct.
Chapter 246-861. Pharmacists—Professional pharmaceutical education.
Chapter 246-863. Pharmacists—Licensing.
Chapter 246-865. Pharmaceutical services—Extended care facility.
Chapter 246-867. Impaired pharmacist rehabilitation.
Chapter 246-869. Pharmacy licensing.
Chapter 246-870. Electronic transmission of prescription information.
Chapter 246-871. Pharmaceutical—Parenteral products for nonhospitalized patients.
Chapter 246-872. Automated drug distribution devices.
Chapter 246-873. Pharmacy—Hospital standards.
Chapter 246-875. Pharmacy—Patient medication record systems.
Chapter 246-877. Pharmaceutical—Sales prohibited.
Chapter 246-878. Good compounding practices.
Chapter 246-879. Pharmaceutical wholesalers.
Chapter 246-881. Pharmacy—Prescription drug price advertising.
Chapter 246-883. Pharmaceutical—Sales requiring prescriptions.
Chapter 246-885. Pharmacy—Identification, imprints, markings, and labeling of legend drugs.
Chapter 246-886. Animal control—Legend drugs and controlled substances.
Chapter 246-887. Pharmacy—Regulations implementing the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.
Chapter 246-888. Medication assistance.
Chapter 246-889. Pharmaceutical—Precursor substance control.
Chapter 246-891. Pharmacy—Prophylactics.
Chapter 246-895. Pharmacy—Good manufacturing practice for finished pharmaceuticals.
Chapter 246-897. Pharmacy—Drug availability.
Chapter 246-899. Pharmaceutical—Drug product substitution.
Chapter 246-901. Pharmacy ancillary personnel.
Chapter 246-903. Nuclear pharmacies and pharmacists.
Chapter 246-904. Health care entities.
Chapter 246-905. Pharmacy—Home dialysis program.
Chapter 246-907. Pharmaceutical licensing periods and fees.
Chapter 246-915. Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.
Chapter 246-916. Licensure requirements for athletic trainers.
Chapter 246-918. Physician assistants—Medical quality assurance commission.
Chapter 246-919. Medical quality assurance commission.
Chapter 246-922. Podiatric physicians and surgeons.
Chapter 246-924. Psychologists.
Chapter 246-926. Radiological technologists.
Chapter 246-927. Recreation therapy.
Chapter 246-928. Respiratory care practitioners.
Chapter 246-930. Sex offender treatment provider.
Chapter 246-933. Veterinarians—Veterinary board.
Chapter 246-934. Standards of professional conduct.
Chapter 246-935. Veterinary technicians.
Chapter 246-937. Registered veterinary medication clerks.
Chapter 246-939. Surgical technologist program.
Chapter 246-940. Certified animal massage practitioner.
Chapter 246-976. Emergency medical services and trauma care systems.
Chapter 246-978. Death with Dignity Act requirements.
Chapter 246-980. Home care aide rules.
Chapter 246-226. Radiation protection—Computed tomography.