Title 220. Fish and Wildlife, Department of (Fisheries)  

Chapter 220-12. Food fish and shellfish—Classified.
Chapter 220-16. Definitions.
Chapter 220-20. General provisions.
Chapter 220-22. Management and catch reporting areas.
Chapter 220-24. Pacific Ocean waters.
Chapter 220-32. Columbia River.
Chapter 220-33. Columbia River—Commercial fisheries below Bonneville Dam.
Chapter 220-36. Grays Harbor.
Chapter 220-40. Willapa Harbor.
Chapter 220-44. Coastal waters—Marine fish.
Chapter 220-47. Puget Sound—Salmon.
Chapter 220-48. Puget Sound—Fish other than salmon.
Chapter 220-49. Puget Sound commercial forage fish.
Chapter 220-52. Shellfish.
Chapter 220-55. Personal-use licenses.
Chapter 220-56. Personal-use fishery.
Chapter 220-60. Oysters and clams—Sales from state reserves.
Chapter 220-69. Fish receiving tickets—Weight delivery sheets.
Chapter 220-72. Oyster diseases and pests.
Chapter 220-74. Surplus salmon eggs.
Chapter 220-76. Aquaculture.
Chapter 220-77. Aquaculture disease control.
Chapter 220-80. Public records.
Chapter 220-87. Puget Sound whiting.
Chapter 220-88. Emerging commercial fisheries.
Chapter 220-88D. Commercial shellfish fishery on nonstate lands.
Chapter 220-88E. Hagfish fishery.
Chapter 220-88F. Coastal directed mackerel purse seine fishery.
Chapter 220-90. Commercial herring fishing license hardship validation review board regulations.
Chapter 220-95. Commercial fishing gear reduction program.
Chapter 220-100. State Environmental Policy Act rules.
Chapter 220-125. License revocation and privilege suspension.
Chapter 220-130. Volunteer cooperative fish and wildlife enhancement program.
Chapter 220-140. Regional fisheries enhancement groups.
Chapter 220-150. Ballast water management.
Chapter 220-310. Personal-use fisheries.
Chapter 220-660. Hydraulic code rules.