Title 16. Agriculture, Department of (See Titles 24, 60, and 142)  

Chapter 16-06. Public records.
Chapter 16-08. Practice and procedure.
Chapter 16-19. Custom farm slaughterers, custom slaughtering establishments, and custom meat facilities.
Chapter 16-24. Humane slaughter of livestock.
Chapter 16-25. Disposal of dead livestock.
Chapter 16-29. Animal disease traceability.
Chapter 16-30. Restricted feedlots and restricted holding facilities.
Chapter 16-32. Livestock services—Fees.
Chapter 16-42. Biological products.
Chapter 16-54. Animal importation.
Chapter 16-59. Avian diseases in Washington state.
Chapter 16-70. Animal diseases—Reporting.
Chapter 16-71. Equine diseases in Washington state.
Chapter 16-74. Livestock testing—Duties of owners.
Chapter 16-80. Swine diseases regulated in Washington state.
Chapter 16-86. Cattle and bison diseases in Washington state.
Chapter 16-89. Sheep and goat diseases in Washington state.
Chapter 16-90. Penalty schedule.
Chapter 16-91. Requested animal services and holding facilities—Fees.
Chapter 16-92. Notices of infractions—Penalty schedule.
Chapter 16-101. Washington state milk and milk products standards.
Chapter 16-101X. Degrades, license suspensions and revocations for dairy producers and processors.
Chapter 16-102. Butterfat testing of milk.
Chapter 16-103. Milk processing assessments and collections.
Chapter 16-104. Shell eggs—Standards, grades and weight classes.
Chapter 16-108. Washington state egg seals and assessments.
Chapter 16-125. Farm milk storage tanks and bulk milk tanker—Requirements.
Chapter 16-129. Labeling and advertising of products resembling genuine dairy products.
Chapter 16-130. Direct sellers.
Chapter 16-139. Penalties.
Chapter 16-142. Perishable packaged food goods—Pull dating.
Chapter 16-144. Processing frozen desserts.
Chapter 16-145. Food storage warehouses.
Chapter 16-146. Food processors.
Chapter 16-147. Sanitary certificates.
Chapter 16-149. Cottage foods.
Chapter 16-157. Organic food standards and certification.
Chapter 16-160. Registration of materials for organic food production.
Chapter 16-165. Food inspection.
Chapter 16-167. Intrastate commerce in foods.
Chapter 16-168. Approved independent sanitation consultants for food storage warehouses.
Chapter 16-170. Special permits for slaughtering poultry.
Chapter 16-200. Fertilizers.
Chapter 16-201. Fertilizer bulk storage and operational area containment rules.
Chapter 16-202. Application of pesticides and plant nutrients through irrigation systems.
Chapter 16-213. Miscellaneous agricultural commodity inspection standards.
Chapter 16-218. Hops—Certification analyses—Fees.
Chapter 16-228. General pesticide rules.
Chapter 16-229. Secondary and operational area containment for bulk pesticides.
Chapter 16-230. Use of chemicals and chemically treated materials in certain counties.
Chapter 16-231. Use restricted herbicides.
Chapter 16-232. Use restricted herbicides in certain counties.
Chapter 16-233. Worker protection standards.
Chapter 16-236. SEPA procedures.
Chapter 16-237. Commodity storage warehouses and grain dealers.
Chapter 16-240. WSDA grain inspection program—Definitions, standards, and fees.
Chapter 16-250. Commercial feed rules.
Chapter 16-252. Commercial feed rules—Pet food and specialty pet food.
Chapter 16-256. Commercial feed rules—Processed animal waste.
Chapter 16-301. General seed regulations.
Chapter 16-302. General rules for seed certification.
Chapter 16-303. Seed assessment, fees for seed services and seed certification.
Chapter 16-319. Forest tree seed certification.
Chapter 16-322. Certification of mint planting stock.
Chapter 16-324. Certification of seed potatoes.
Chapter 16-325. Seed potato isolation district.
Chapter 16-326. Brassica seed production district.
Chapter 16-328. Certification of strawberry planting stock.
Chapter 16-333. Certification of caneberry planting stock.
Chapter 16-334. Garlic planting stock registration and certification.
Chapter 16-350. Registration and certification of fruit tree planting stock.
Chapter 16-354. Hop planting stock certification.
Chapter 16-390. Fruit and vegetable inspection fees and other charges.
Chapter 16-401. Nursery inspection fees.
Chapter 16-402. Plant pest infestations and plant labeling.
Chapter 16-403. Standards for apples marketed within the state of Washington.
Chapter 16-406. Washington standards for apricots.
Chapter 16-409. Washington standards for asparagus.
Chapter 16-414. Washington standards for cherries.
Chapter 16-436. Washington standards for peaches.
Chapter 16-439. Pears, summer and fall.
Chapter 16-442. Winter pears.
Chapter 16-445. Washington standards for Italian prunes.
Chapter 16-450. Controlled atmosphere storage requirements for Washington fruits and vegetables.
Chapter 16-461. Inspection requirements for fruits and vegetables.
Chapter 16-462. Grape planting stock—Registration and certification.
Chapter 16-463. Prohibiting the sale and/or movement of infested cherries.
Chapter 16-465. Rules and regulations for the official determination of bacterial ring rot in seed potatoes.
Chapter 16-470. Quarantine—Agricultural pests.
Chapter 16-472. Barberry and black stem rust.
Chapter 16-473. Lentil anthracnose quarantine.
Chapter 16-474. Eastern filbert blight quarantine.
Chapter 16-478. European corn borer.
Chapter 16-482. Seed potato quarantine.
Chapter 16-483. Grape pest quarantine.
Chapter 16-487. Prunus disease quarantine.
Chapter 16-488. Fresh fruit of blueberry quarantine.
Chapter 16-489. Blueberry scorch virus quarantine.
Chapter 16-497. Hop disease quarantine.
Chapter 16-501. WSDA procedural rules—Commodity boards or commissions.
Chapter 16-505. Washington beer commission.
Chapter 16-516. Washington potatoes.
Chapter 16-520. Seed potatoes.
Chapter 16-529. Washington alfalfa seed commission.
Chapter 16-531. Washington grain commission.
Chapter 16-532. Hops.
Chapter 16-536. Washington pulse crops commission.
Chapter 16-540. Mint.
Chapter 16-545. Turfgrass seed commission.
Chapter 16-550. Blueberry.
Chapter 16-555. Washington strawberry commission.
Chapter 16-557. Washington asparagus commission.
Chapter 16-560. Washington tree fruit research commission.
Chapter 16-561. Washington red raspberry commission.
Chapter 16-565. Washington cranberry commission.
Chapter 16-573. Oilseeds commission.
Chapter 16-575. Wine commission.
Chapter 16-585. Puget Sound salmon commission.
Chapter 16-600. Honey.
Chapter 16-602. Apiaries.
Chapter 16-603. Aquaculture identification requirements.
Chapter 16-604. Public livestock markets—Health, facilities, and sanitation.
Chapter 16-610. Livestock brand inspection.
Chapter 16-611. Nutrient management.
Chapter 16-622. Agriculture marketing and fair practices.
Chapter 16-623. Commission Merchant Act—Licensing fees, proof of payment, cargo manifests and registration of acreage commitments.
Chapter 16-645. Hops bales—Weights and tares.
Chapter 16-659. Weights and measures—Liquified petroleum gas.
Chapter 16-662. Weights and measures—National handbooks, sale of motor fuel, and penalties for violations.
Chapter 16-663. Service agents—Reporting, test procedures, standards and calibration of weighing and measuring devices.
Chapter 16-674. Weights and measures—Exemptions, weighmasters and device registration.
Chapter 16-675. Calibration services, special inspection and testing fees.
Chapter 16-695. Rules relating to ginseng management.
Chapter 16-700. State fair fund—Proration.
Chapter 16-720. Dietary supplements—Elemental iron.
Chapter 16-730. Asparagus equipment lease program.
Chapter 16-731. Asparagus grower equipment lease program.
Chapter 16-740. Food assistance programs.
Chapter 16-750. State noxious weed list and schedule of monetary penalties.
Chapter 16-752. Noxious weed seed and plant quarantine.