Title 136. County Road Administration Board  

Chapter 136-01. Organization and operation of county road administration board.
Chapter 136-02. Implementation of state Environmental Policy Act.
Chapter 136-03. Public access to information and records.
Chapter 136-04. Annual certification of good practice.
Chapter 136-11. Standards of good practice—Maintenance management.
Chapter 136-12. Standards of good practice—Vacancy in position of county engineer.
Chapter 136-14. Standards of good practice—Priority programming.
Chapter 136-15. Standards of good practice procedures for preparation of six-year transportation programs.
Chapter 136-16. Standards of good practice—Annual road program, construction report, and construction by county forces limits.
Chapter 136-18. Standards of good practice—Construction by county forces.
Chapter 136-20. Standards of good practice—Inspection of bridges on county roads.
Chapter 136-25. Standards of good practice—Traffic law enforcement expenditures.
Chapter 136-28. Standards of good practice—Cooperative procedures for processing of county road accident reports.
Chapter 136-40. Standards of good practice—Accommodation of utilities on county roads.
Chapter 136-50. Standards of good practice—Statutory relationship between county engineer and county legislative authority—Adoption of written policies.
Chapter 136-60. Standards of good practice—Maintenance of county road logs.
Chapter 136-70. Standards of good practice—Pavement management system requirement for county arterial preservation program eligibility.
Chapter 136-100. Administration of the rural arterial program.
Chapter 136-130. Regional prioritization of RAP projects.
Chapter 136-150. Eligibility for rural arterial trust account funds.
Chapter 136-161. Project submittal, selection and initial allocation of RATA funds to projects.
Chapter 136-163. Allocation of RATA funds to emergent and emergency projects.
Chapter 136-165. Increased allocations of RATA funds to projects.
Chapter 136-167. Withdrawals, early termination, and lapsing of approved projects.
Chapter 136-170. Execution of a CRAB/county contract.
Chapter 136-180. Processing of RAP vouchers.
Chapter 136-210. Design standards for rural arterial program projects.
Chapter 136-300. Administration of the county arterial preservation program.
Chapter 136-400. Administration of the county ferry capital improvement program.